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Wasit Univeristy, Iraq

Wasit University is located in el-Kut, the capital of Iraq’s Wasit Governorate about 160km south east of Baghdad. The university campus overlooks the Tigris river at the far end of a deep U bend in the river inside which el-Kut was built.

Wasit University was founded in 2003 as a centre of excellence and to provide a safe haven to elevate the standard of knowledge, culture and science amongst graduates within Wasit Governorate and wider Iraqi society. Since it’s foundation the university has risen to become one of the most prominent academic institutions in Iraq, contributing as part of the international scientific community and providing high quality graduates that support the social and economic development of the region.


Founded in 2006 within the College of Engineering, the department of architecture provides high quality teaching and research in the field of architecture and urbanism. The department’s expertise explores the impact and meaning of architecture and urban environments to the societies within them. Architects  the dual nature of architectural design, translating both the science of structural engineering and the aesthetic art of design into an expressive architectural language which reflects an understanding of the architectural and cultural heritage of Iraq.


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University of Prishtina, Kosovo

The University of Prishtina was founded on 18th of November, 1969. The University's first faculties were those of philosophy, medicine, law and engineering and students were taught in both Albanian and Serbo-Croat.

Throughout the Serbian suppression of ethnic Albanian culture and language in the 1990s many Albanian academics and lecturers at the university were dismissed, however, many of these academics continued Albanian-language based university education within private facilities, as part of the unofficial system that enabling the education of some 30,000 Albanian students.


Following the end of the Kosovo war the University was reconstituted by the new Kosovan government as a vanguard of scientific and artistic research in Kosovo. The University of Prishtina now serves as the largest university in Kosovo with over 45,000 students and is the highest-ranked Albanian-language university in Europe. Currently, the University of Prishtina consists of 17 faculties. It is a member of the European University Association and is active in collaborative research with strong research links to partners across Europe and North America.

Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Beirut, the Lebanese metropolis, birthplace of the alphabets, and a meeting point of civilizations holds a distinctive geographic location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This setting distinguishes the city from a cultural, economic, commercial, and academic perspective. Therefore, it is the core for various institutions, including universities, which project the city's distinctive historical background. Beirut Arab University (BAU), located in the heart of Beirut, is a center of culture and enlightenment.

BAU has been committed, since its establishment in 1960, to offer outstanding educational programs and to provide an embracing environment for academic creativity and development of leadership skills, instilling the concept of social responsibility, while respecting diversity and multicultural understanding. The University promotes a stimulating academic atmosphere for its academic staff to ensure excellence in research and the dissemination of its outcomes to address community needs, both nationally and internationally. BAU relies on the contribution of the University’s expertise in the sustainable development of the local community while maintaining engagement with its alumni. BAU believes in its highly efficient leadership, well-structured governance system and greatly motivated academic staff.


© Beirut Arab University

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