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The project’s digital toolkits are aimed at youth and stakeholders who wish to increase youth engagement in the preservation of their local cultural heritage particularly in areas affected by conflict. The toolkits examine methods to increase the effectiveness of youth engagement through the use of digital tools for cultural heritage. It is recommended for use when guiding young people’s engagement in general, as well as when designing specific programming to support youth-led cultural engagement with examples of how digital tools can allow young people to communicate with dispersed communities via online media and provides increased capacity and training in cultural heritage skills of analysis, archiving and public presentation of the work at the individual level and institutional scales.


The toolkits were identified as a key output of the (Re)Contextualising Contested Heritage project during the project’s initial design phase in late 2019. The subsequent global pandemic of covid-19 has given highlighted the value of digital tools and flexible platforms to communicate cultural heritage to global audiences without the need to be gathered physically in one place.

Toolkit 1: Iraq
Toolkit 2: Kosovo
Toolkit 3: Lebanon
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