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Martyr's Square

Historically known as "Al Burj" or "Place des Cannons," Martyrs ' Square is the main central public square of Beirut, Lebanon. Like the Martyr's Square in Damascus, it is named after the executions ordered by Djemal Pasha during World War I on 6 May 1916.

Martyrs Square has often symbolized many things to the Lebanese. It was the centre of the old city. In 2005 it sort of was, very interestingly, it was a place at the centre of Beirut which brought together Christians and Muslims; it was almost a symbol of the unity at the time that took place. It still symbolizes the revolution in the heart of every Lebanese citizen. Currently, the location is surrounded by protestors who have been settling in tents around it since 17th October 2019.

Created by Mohammed Trabulsy, Ghadir Mustapha and Isra Fadel.

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