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The School House, Virtual Tour

The 360 degree images that you are seeing on your screen are images of the so called ''Herticeve'' school. Also recognised as the ''School-house'', this building on its own is a relic of the peaceful resistance during the troubled decade in the 90s in Kosova.

Troubled times put more pressure on the educational system to function freely and a gradual segregation was imposed on the Albanian students, until schools became illegal and the parallel school system in Kosovo began.


People found different and innovative ways to maintain education in those circumstances. A lot of people gave away their private houses so the schools would continue somehow. The same thing happened also with the three floored house of Mehmet Hertica, where for 7 straight years it was used as a school for high school students in Prishtina.

The so called ''School-House'' is expected to become a museum in the near future. Can you imagine the classrooms packed with students?

Created by Ismail Myrseli.

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