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The Egg

The Egg, or the Dome, is an unfinished facility found in central Beirut, Lebanon, built-in 1965, 10 years prior to the civil war. It was stopped during the civil war in Lebanon and the horse-shoe dome that now stands became a landmark in Beirut.

The Egg is a forgotten ruin in the heart of Beirut, a building which was always in danger of being demolished. This is one of the reasons why heritage activists protest against the further demolition of Beirut‘s built cultural heritage. It‘s the idea of being true to one’s own identity. A documentary project by Lebanese artist Aimee Merheb called “Saving the Egg” intensifies this call for respect using the example of The Egg. In her video, she is literally in search of the importance and the emotional value of the war-scarred structure by interviewing a contemporary witness and a cultural heritage activist. And sometimes it can be as simple as that; one activist says: “People can‘t explain it, they just love it”. The value of The Egg as a monument is quite high, and at the end may be higher than its economic profit. Throughout the last protest that were happening in Beirut, the Egg hosted different seminars and discussion between the youth society of Lebanon serving as Hub for them.

Created by Inas Hajj Chehade, Mohamad Yahfouf and Zahi Adra.

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